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Student transportation providers


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Are you a student transportation operator?

Whether you are just beginning to think about what the next stage of your business looks like, or have already decided to seek growth capital or liquidity, American Student Transportation Partners would like to speak with you so that you can learn more about the value we offer and what a partnership would mean for your business.

We understand that planning for a transition of a business or bringing in a new partner can be challenging, and our current operating partners in the industry can attest to our ability to seamlessly provide creative, customized structures that work for you and your objectives.

If you'd like to learn more about the benefits of partnering with ASTP, we'd like to talk to you.

Contact Andrew Nixon, CFA - Director of Corporate Development

What We Offer
Some benefits of a partnership that others can't or don't offer.

  • Partnership first approach

    We are building a consortium of like-minded, best-of-breed operators across America that serve as a valuable resource and peer group for our partner operators. All partners within our network have strong economic alignment and incentive to help each other achieve more as a whole than they could achieve as individuals.

  • Benefits of a large and scaled organization

    As part of the American Student Transportation Partners, your business will receive the benefits of scale that it otherwise would not achieve on its own, such as group purchasing cost savings, marketing and digital expertise, and strategic and operational insights from like-minded operators who know how to succeed in a competitive marketplace.

  • Balance between growth capital and liquidity

    We offer the rare balance of true partnership by providing you with immediate liquidity as well as growth capital so that you can enjoy liquidity today at a fair valuation while also continuing to own and operate your business with even greater future upside potential.

  • Capital structure expertise

    American Student Transportation Partners, together with Access Holdings, are capital structure experts that have successfully secured purpose-built credit facilities to support growth initiatives and remove all personal guarantees that would otherwise burden you and your business. You can sleep easier at night and wake up focused on operating your business with comfort knowing that your partners have cleared any financial barriers standing between your and your goals.

  • Scaled assets warrant premium valuations

    There are few student transportation platforms in North America today that have a large regional or national presence, however, such large scaled businesses generate a premium valuation in the market. As an equity partner in your business and member of the ASTP network, you can realize the benefits of a premium valuation at the time of a liquidity event that normally wouldn’t be available to local or regional operators.

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